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This woman nothing stops her. In her own words, cancer came to her as a reminder that life is now and that the key to a good and happy life is to enjoy every single moment. This disease has never been an excuse to give up on her dreams. Carolina chose birds of paradise flowers to bring life to the bathing suit designed for her necessities.

Want to know a little bit more about Caro:
This is what she likes:

Her favorite color is white.

She loves all seafood.

Her preferred activities to de-stress are drawing, playing with her cats, reading and watching Tv shows while eating cake.

She really enjoys staying home in rainy days, sharing with her family and friends, the beach, playing the guacharaca, listening to high-volume music and singing, although she says it sounds terrible.

Her favorite music is vallenato, salsa, and her top artist is Ricardo Arjona.

HCaro´s bikini was designed thinking of those women who want to show their bodies, feel comfortable, wear the external prosthesis, and cover any mark occasioned by the cancer treatment, all at the same time. For this reason, this bathing suit has a complete coverage only in the chest area.

Additionally, the flares help divert the attention to other focal points and allow concealing any possible asymmetry in that region. This bikini set was constructed in a special way; there are no elastics or wires on the top that could mistreat the user.

For her, the funniest part of the project was getting to know the people who made part of it. Sharing their stories and experiences among hours of laughter was one of the top moments of this campaign.

*Available in Colombia