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Five women, five lives that are worth gold, five hearts that beat stronger, five stories, one collection that was born from and for them and, a shared condition that unites these women without defining them: breast cancer. 

In the past months, a group of joyful and spirited women shared with us their stories. Anecdotes from a medical condition that despite the marks in their bodies, has left an enduring symbol of self-love and courage. These women, with their experiences and positive attitude, have taught us the art of good living. For this reason, we want to pay them a tribute. A tribute that will grant them again the security when going to the beach, and allow them to enjoy sunny days while feeling comfortable with garments that have been adapted to their necessities.

Gloria, Michele, Daniela, Carolina and Angie became the inspiration for the creation of our OndadeMar heroes campaign. Each of them was touched by cancer in a different way. For this reason, they have totally different necessities, as a different dream swimsuits. We chose a botanic inspiration as the main theme for the collection since a plant represents the perfect balance between women delicacy and the great vitality of our five heroes. These women worked along with an illustrator that after knowing their stories created a print for each of their pieces. Butterflies, orchids, parrots, flowers and intense green leaves, turned into the key elements of a collection that resembles hope and life.

Each of the pieces of this capsule was made for them, and all the women that have had to face this battle. In addition of launching a collection of bathing suits, we have created functional pieces that have been designed along with these five women. Specialized manufacturing processes as avoiding seams in the tops, or creating intern pockets for the prosthesis for those who mastectomy was the cure have been implemented.

OndadeMar heroes is a collection that is willing to connect with a thousand hearts, raise awareness about this topic, and demonstrate those women who are currently dealing with this condition that cancer does not define them. Instead, it aims to show them that there are numerous reasons that make them completely unique and must be a motivation to face the battle. 

This collection is available now in Colombian stores


In OndadeMar we want to thank our allies and all the people who voluntarily decided to be part of this campaign.

Mauro Restrepo, thanks for sharing all your talent and make our five heroes feel even more beautiful on the shooting session. Esteban Escobar, thanks for capturing through your lens not only our heroes smiles but essence. Aleja Navarro, thanks for being one of our models, these pictures will stay in our hearts forever. Federico Alfonso and Julián López, Thanks for creating our campaign video, awakening numerous emotions and recording the story of these brave women. We want to thank as well Olab, Gloria Ruiz, and Bodai, for sweetening our photoshoot team with delicious food made with love. Ampersand studio for giving movement to our logo and adding a special touch to our campaign. Susana Durán, thank you because you voice help us transmit our message. NOA Comunicaciones, thanks for your help broadcasting this campaign and making it reach miles away. Special thanks to Ricky Vélez, for transforming the stories of each of these incredible women into art.

Thanks to Mundo Verde for believing and joining to this project in order to generate a bigger impact in women and touch more hearts. Todo en Artes, thanks for helping us create a handmade window display inspired in these five survivors. Thanks to Hatsu for being part of our campaign launching event and filling it with color.

Finally, we want to give special thanks to our suppliers, manufacturers, and production team. Also, to our heroes’ family for supporting and accompanying them during this process. And above all, infinite thanks to our five women for believing and sharing their stories with us.