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Beach cover-ups are the essential accessory for your beach days, providing versatility and style to your seaside outfit. From colorful tunics to elegant sarongs and lightweight robes, these garments not only offer coverage after a swim but also enhance your look with a touch of fashion and comfort. Whether you prefer a bohemian, tropical, or classic design, beach cover-ups allow you to express your personal style while relaxing by the sea. 

With lightweight materials and attractive patterns, these pieces become the perfect complement to your swimwear, providing an effortless transition from the beach to any destination. In this blog, you'll discover the best beach cover-up styles of the moment.

What are beach cover-ups, and when are they used?


A beach cover-up is a versatile and stylish garment designed to be worn after exiting the water, whether at the beach, pool, or any aquatic environment. Also known as a "cover-up", "pareos” or sarong its main function goes beyond mere coverage: it offers comfort and style as you move from the water area to other spaces.

These garments are typically light, loose, and made of cool fabrics, providing a refreshing touch after a dip. They are worn over swimwear to provide modesty and enable an easy transition from the beach to other places without losing that beachy vibe. In addition to their practicality, beach cover-ups are key fashion elements, allowing you to express your personal style while enjoying the maritime environment. Their versatility makes them ideal companions for relaxing under the sun or creating a complete and stylish look during your vacation.

Furthermore, they stand out for:

  1. Lightness: They are usually made of lightweight and cool fabrics, making them comfortable and suitable for warm climates.

  2. Modest coverage: They provide additional coverage over swimwear, offering a modest and practical option for transitioning between the beach or pool and other locations.

  3. Diversity of styles: They come in a wide variety of styles, from tunics and kaftans to sarongs and robes, allowing people to choose the option that suits their personal taste and fashion preferences.

  4. Versatile transition: They facilitate an easy transition from the beach to other activities without the need for a complete change, making them versatile and functional garments.

  5. Decorative elements: Many beach cover-ups feature decorative details such as embroidery, lace, or attractive prints, adding a touch of style and elegance to beachwear.

  6. Quick-drying: Exposed to water, these garments are designed to dry quickly, facilitating their continuous use throughout the day.

  7. Easy to put on and take off: Their loose and flowing design makes them easy to put on and take off, making them practical and comfortable for daily use in beach environments.

  8. Adaptability to different figures: Their loose and often adjustable design makes them suitable for different body types, offering comfort and accommodating various shapes and sizes. Additionally, they pair perfectly with watches from brands like Invicta, Technomarine, Festina, and Kronotime.

Beach Cover-Up Styles

Beach cover-ups are versatile garments that add style and comfort to your beach days. Among the most popular styles are:

  1. Printed kaftans: Cover-ups with ethnic or floral designs that add a bohemian and sophisticated touch.

  2. Lace beach dresses: Lightweight and elegant, this style of beach cover-up is ideal for an effortless transition from the beach to more formal events.

  3. Versatile pareos and sarongs: Rectangular fabrics that can be worn in various ways, from skirts to wraps, allowing for a unique customization.

  4. Loose tunics: Loose and flowing garments that offer comfort and a relaxed style for beach days.

  5. Beach jumpsuits: Lightweight and loose-fitting one-piece outfits that provide a modern and casual look.

  6. Open-layered details: Cover-ups similar to open layers but with decorative details that enhance your beach attire.

  7. Long kimonos: Long kimonos with lightweight fabrics and striking prints add a touch of sophistication and bohemian style to your beach outfit.

  8. Beach ponchos: Comfortable and perfect for a relaxed and effortless style on the beach.

Keep in mind that exploring these styles will help you find the beach cover-up that best suits your personal taste, making you feel comfortable and elegant on every occasion. And now that you know the beach cover-up styles, we'll give you some tips on how to dress for the beach.

How should I dress for the beach?

Beachwear is usually casual and comfortable, adapting to the relaxed environment and warm weather. Therefore, here are some suggestions on how to dress for the beach and look fabulous:


The most essential item for enjoying the water and sun. You can opt for bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, or the style that makes you feel most comfortable.

Beach cover-up

An elegant beach cover-up, such as a sarong, tunic, or beach dress, provides additional coverage and style when exiting the water.


Although not clothing, it is an essential item. Use sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays.

Hat and sunglasses

Protect your face and eyes from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses.

Sandals or Flip-flops

Opt for comfortable and easy-to-remove footwear for walking on the sand, such as sandals and Crocs shoes.

Light clothing

Choose lightweight and cool clothing, such as dresses, shorts, T-shirts, or sarongs, to stay comfortable in the sun.

Beach bag

Bring a spacious bag to carry towels, sunscreen, books, and other essential items.

Beach towel

Bring a large towel to relax on the sand and dry off without any issues.

Additional accessories

If you plan activities like snorkeling, include diving goggles or beach toys for added fun.

Remember that the key is comfort and practicality. Additionally, it's always good to check local regulations and specific etiquette where you plan to go, as rules may vary on different beaches. Enjoy your day at the beach with Onda de Mar!

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