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Swimwear, like fashion, has evolved over the years. Nowadays, you can find bikinis and classic one-piece beachwear, as well as blouses, pants, and thousands of accessories that make our beach outings an experience to showcase our beauty and our taste for fashion and comfort. Undoubtedly, a garment that has gained popularity for its versatility, practicality, and lightness is the top. Being an item that can complement a myriad of beach looks, it is preferred by women who want to feel comfortable, stay in fashion, and project a casual and natural image. If you want to know which tops are in fashion and how you can combine them with your dresses and swimwear, keep reading our article!

Why use tops as swimwear?

Before we tell you about the latest fashion tops, let's talk about why wearing tops at the beach is one of the best decisions you can make. Using this garment as part of your swimwear offers several benefits, including its versatility, allowing you to easily transition from the beach to other places and eliminating the need to change clothes completely. This practicality saves you time and provides comfort if you prefer a more flexible beachwear option.

Moreover, thanks to the vast textile industry and the evolution of swimwear fashion, you can find a modern and elegant alternative that is quite different from conventional styles. By using tops, you can also express your personality and highlight your individual taste, turning your choice of beachwear into an expression of your personal identity.

Another reason to use a swim top is that you can pair them with different pieces such as skirts, shorts, or sarongs, facilitating a seamless transition between the beach and other environments.

This is further enhanced by comfort, which is one of the greatest advantages of tops. You can adjust them to provide good support according to your measurements and preferences, allowing you to enjoy water activities with greater comfort and confidence.

The best fashion tops

Fashion tops for swimwear, while following general fashion trends, have specific details that make them unique for the beach and pool.

  1. Bandeau with details: this type of top features eye-catching details like ruffles, knots, or lace, making it a popular choice for those seeking a feminine and modern style.
  2. Bardot-style top: inspired by Bohemian fashion, Bardot-style tops (off-the-shoulder) are an elegant and fashionable option for swimwear.
  3. Bathing suit crop tops with sleeves: crop tops with sleeves, whether short or long, offer additional coverage and a touch of chic style.
  4. Strappy bikini top: bikini tops with crossed straps, whether in the front or back, add an interesting and modern visual element.
  5. Front-closure sporty style: sporty-style tops with front closure are both functional and modern, providing an athletic and easy-to-wear look.
  6. Deep V-neck top: swim tops with a deep V-neck are a popular choice for those seeking a touch of sensuality and elegant style.
  7. Tops with tropical prints: tropical prints, such as palm trees, flowers, and fruits, have been a recurring trend that adds a summery and fun touch to swimwear.
  8. Halter bikini top with details: Halter bikini tops with details like rings, knots, or crossed straps in the front can be a modern and flattering option.
  9. Polka dot printed tops: Polka dots have made a comeback as a classic yet modern print option for swimwear tops.

How to combine swim tops?

The combination of swim tops depends on various factors such as your body type, preferences, and the occasion. Here are some ideas for combining this piece in a stylish and fashionable way:

  1. Match the top and bottom of the swimwear with the same print to create a cohesive and harmonious set.

  2. If you have a solid-colored swim top, consider pairing it with a contrasting bottom to add a touch of style and variety to your look.

  3. Experiment with mixing prints and colors, ensuring there is an element that unifies your outfit, such as a common color or similar pattern, to avoid an overwhelming appearance.

  4. Mix tops and bottoms with different textures to add visual interest to your swimwear. For example, a lace-detailed top could be paired with a textured fabric bottom.

  5. Opt for a monochromatic set, meaning a top and bottom of the same color, to look elegant and visually elongate your figure.

  6. Add another layer with pareos, skirts, or pants to complete your swim top. This will provide more coverage when needed.

  7. Combine the top with other accessories such as hats or bags. A water-resistant watch, such as those from Invicta, Festina, Technomarine or Kronotime, will add a sophisticated and casual touch to your beach look.

  8. Coordinate the color of your top with Crocs sandals to create balance in your appearance.

  9. Pair a more sporty top with a more feminine bottom, or vice versa. This can recreate a casual yet feminine look.

Remember, the key is to feel comfortable and confident in your choice. Experiment with different combinations to discover which style you like best and suits your personality and body type.

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