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These bandanas are handmade with our fabrics. The available quantities would vary by print.
All masks are washed carefully after production.

General Product Info 

Our priority, are our people and each of our customers, is why each of our decisions is focused on the care of all of you. Since reinvention as a brand, we have included multiple things, but this is the most special and the one that carries the essence of OndadeMar.
Today it is not only the OndadeMar women, today they are whole families, which we must take care of. This is why we present to you these masks that were made, thinking about the well-being of each of you, because we came out of this together.

Instructions for using bandanas correctly: 
  • Always use the bandanas when leaving the house, it should only be removed when you return. 
  • The mask should not be touched while wearing it and exposed. 
  • You should not touch your face below the bandanas without having your hands freshly washed.
  • Wash the bandana with soap and let it dry completely, it is recommended to rose with a disinfectant.

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