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All our bags, hats and sarongs come in One Size Fit All. See the product details for more information.

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This “Canvas” is a head accessory which you can use in different styles: a braid, a crown, a turban or in any way you imagine. Whichever you choose, do it with a particular intention. To learn how to use it, we invite you to see her tutorial.

This year, OndadeMar teamed up with Danié-Gomez, a Mexican by birth but a citizen of the world. Over a year ago she created a brand of “Canvas” (head-wrap) named Journey of a Braid, with the intention of preserving traditions from her native country while empowering women.

In her own words: “It allows those who wear it to paint their own reality”.

This collaboration resulted in a unique collection inspired by her culture and ours. For each canvas sold we will donate 10% of the earnings to Danié’s foundation called Fashion 4 Good.

  • One size rectangular "Canvas" or scarf
  • Finishing touch for your summer look
  • Solid fabric: 93% NYLON & 7% SPANDEX
  • Printed fabric: 83% NYLON & 17% SPANDEX
Wash + Care
How To

Your OndadeMar can go through a lot of sun, sand, salt, sunscreen and chlorine. It deserves the right care. We suggest hand-washing it in cool water using a mild detergent, then laying it in the shade to dry. Keep light and dark colors separate when wet, as some items may bleed. Try to avoid dry cleaning, ironing, bleaching and rough surfaces.