OndadeMar presents its Cruise 2016 Collection OASIS

A fusion of magical, transcendental and multicultural elements becomes OASIS, creating an atmosphere of boundless mixtures

Colombian luxury swimwear brand OndadeMar presents its Cruise 2016 Collection OASIS, inspired by ancient knowledge and cultures, fusing magical, transcendental and multicultural elements, and creating an atmosphere of boundless mixtures, according to a trend that we’ll see at the end of the year.

In an era of perpetual movement and transformation, OASIS discovers a world of new possibilities where strict definitions evolve into more fluid concepts, established limits are shifting and boundaries are broken.

“This inspiration invites us to exalt our essence, to slow down a little bit in the chaotic world in which we live and to go beyond borders. Applied to fashion, that concept adds a new value to the garments through the use of many materials that weren’t conventional before and a strong presence of handcrafted details”, says Juana Espinal, Creative Director at OndadeMar.

OASIS features beachwear silhouettes reinvented through a desire of taking creativity to an unlimited exploration of new multifunctional and asymmetrical designs, with an emphasis on the back as their main attribute. Multi strap backs, embroidery, hand-dyed fabrics, crochet and iridescent finishes are some of the main elements of the inspiration that add that sophisticated and glamorous touch to the collection. Also, the sports culture influences swimsuits based on the craftsmanship value, creating an eclectic and innovative mix with a bohemian touch.

“The most interesting part of this collection is the limitless possibilities that emerge under this trend in the exploration of the ‘never seen before’ within OndadeMar. Being able to create bold proposals in swimwear, as it happens in the ready-to-wear world, is a great advantage that just wasn’t possible before”, explains Juana Espinal.

So, a bright color palette with metallic accents comes together with these bold silhouettes proposed by OASIS, creating a collection full of possibilities that had never been seen before within the OndadeMar world, but always with the brand’s sophisticated essence that resort lifestyle lovers adore.