OndadeMar presents its Cruise 2017 Collection MIRANDA

Inspired by the cultural fusion that unites influences from all continents based on the growing global trend to travel, and highlights the Latin culture through its femininity, its joy, its colors and the art mixed with the Caribbean

Astonishment is the aim of OndadeMar’s new collection, which through its name, MIRANDA, invites to love the Latin culture, exploring colors, materials and prints, in a sophisticated overlapping of multicultural references that make a difference with traditional styles.

“Miranda is the introduction of the Latin essence to the world: the show of color and joy that represents the brand to the highest extent, with a high feminine and stylized content, which is also mixed with the Latin flavor and movement. This is how we created a collection full of handcrafted details of our very own culture, such as fabrics with colorful threads and handcrafted embroideries with floral and geometric languages, while ruffles and bare backs are our chosen silhouettes. Also, according to the world trend, MIRANDA has a retro influence that brings back some 80’s fashion details”, says Juana Espinal, Creative Director of OndadeMar.

Fruits; bright colored animal prints; palm trees in pastel shades; color blocks; lines that simulate brushstrokes; oily textures that create an iridescent effect; metallized tones; manual techniques such as crochet, lace and embroidery; ruffles and ornaments; and pleating, draping and die cuts are just some of the details that OndadeMar gathered together in order to create the Cruise 2017 collection.

“What I like the most about this collection is that we were able to gather the magic of our Latin aesthetics and take it to the world of fashion at the beach: we made the most out of colors and of this mixture to create a powerful boom that I’m sure will be unique in any territory. When it comes to bathing suits, for instance, we transformed the tops to turn them into display garments and complements to strengthen the concept of ‘getting dressed for the beach’”, says Juana.