OndadeMar presents its Spring Summer 2016 collection ARTISANT

The combination of art and fashion creates this new collection in which the brand innovates through a studio photo shoot

Medellin, January 2016 - Inspired by the combination of art and fashion, OndadeMar presents its Spring Summer 2016 collection, ARTISAN. It’s garments have a new and innovative approach in its design and production, communicating the brand through an indoor photo shoot.

“ARTISAN’S inspiration is based on this year’s global trend in which art becomes a tool for fashion, applying its techniques, graphic languages and anything that enhances the importance returning to craft as an escape of the industrial and technological world that’s saturating us. Thus, the use of geometric patterns, abstracts with watercolor effects, deep dye, rustic embroideries and different materials recreate the authentic atmosphere that art has always expressed”, says Juana Espinal, Creative Director at OndadeMar.

The collection has a wide color palette focused on primary colors such as yellow, red, green and blue. It achieves strength and magnetism through an innovative contrast of its different tones with black, turquoise and purple as the bold colors of the season.

Also, as the brand’s Marketing Director Manuela Gil says, the art inspiration became an opportunity to innovate communication: “For the first time in many years we went for an indoor photo shoot to create an entirely new image proposal, while keeping the values of the OndadeMar woman. Also, the ARTISAN collection required different conditions, so we explored this path recreating an artist’s studio in which the garments have a status of artworks and where the magic behind the creation of an OndadeMar garment happens. What we want is to keep producing different campaigns to innovate our brand image as we do in our designs.”

Innovation is always present in the evolution of OndadeMar’s collections that currently reach more than 50 countries. “OndadeMar continues to lead with its new collection ARTISAN, full of colors, transparencies and innovative silhouettes that highlight the woman’s body, and men’s garments that are increasingly important in 2016, with novel patterns, materials and styles. We’ll keep working so that the brand is recognized not only for its high quality standards, but also for the novelty of its collections”, says Paola Dorronsoro, Investment Director at Tribeca.

Year after year, OndadeMar explores techniques and trends to mix them with travel inspiration and brand values, in order to create the sophisticated and unique product that is currently recognized throughout the world. “What I like the most about this collection is how textile digital printing allows artistic techniques to come to reality and contrast with the handcrafted dyes and embroideries, rustic finishes and unconventional fabrics, creating a collection full of innovation, color and authenticity. All this combined with the proposal of new silhouettes with asymmetrical cuts, prominence in necklines, back and waist, and transparencies through mesh, crochet and other open fabrics that tell a different story of art through fashion”, says Juana Espinal.

So, OndadeMar continues to take its passion for the resort lifestyle to women, men and children around the world, with a complete beachwear portfolio increasingly important in the global market. This time, it’s with a collection that celebrates art’s passion by transferring it to fashion, in a year that will be full of inspiration and details.

By: Catalina Franco Restrepo

OndadeMar Communications