How to measure

In order to get the perfect fit we give you an orientation when selecting your size. Be sure to take all your measurements. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


We recommend wearing a non padded bra and holding ones arms straight down at their side while measuring.

1.Find your accurate bust measurements by ensuring the tape is positioned around the fullest part of your breasts. Keep your arms relaxed as this measurement is being taken, and do not hold your breath.

2.  Measure your hips carefully. Be sure to find the fullest area of this part of your body and keep your heels together during the measuring.

3.  Take an accurate measurement of your torso first. This is important for getting a one-piece suit that fits correctly. Run the measuring tape from your shoulder, and take it down diagonally over your front, between your legs and then back up to your shoulder again.

4.  Get your waist measurement by running the tape around the narrowest point of your mid-section. This is the area from which you naturally bend. Make sure the tape measure is not twisted and that it lays flat on this area while you are reading from it.

5. You also make sure that the suits you choose flatter your body.