Who made my clothes?

Do you know who made your clothes? If you have ever paused to think about this, and you are someone who prefers sustainable and fair options, we invite you to visit our stores so you may get to know some of the individuals who are behind our chain of production.

At OndadeMar we have decided to join Fashion Revolution, a worldwide movement aiming to create a sustainable fashion industry, devoid of both excess and worker exploitation. This initiative was born after the fourth most disastrous event in the fashion industry occurred in 2013 when the devastating fall and destruction of a building in Bangladesh killed 1,138 people and left over 2,500 injured.

Starting this month, you will find a tag on our products that allows you to learn about one of the many individuals who are part of our process, from design all the way to production. Our intention is not only to recognize the dedicated work of our employees but also to invite you to value each and every one of our products you decide to purchase, for behind every single item, there are multiple hands who are treated well and receive fair remuneration for their work. We want you to know that our processes are transparent, and we always ensure that our employees operate under optimal working conditions.

In the tags, you'll find Colombian employees and some who work from India. You may wonder, why India if we are a Colombian company? India is a beautiful country that has mastered some incredible techniques in the textile industry. They are so magnificent that we like to include them in some of our accessories and coverups, and who better than them to make these unique pieces. We value traditions and quality is very important to us, and thanks to their outstanding work we are able to offer you extraordinary products while making sure they receive a just salary and work in a decent environment.

If you want to know more about this campaign, please visit Fashion Revolution's site

Join the revolution and ask who made your clothes! Download the poster and participate actively in this movement. You only need to print it and take a photo while posing with it and one of our garments, tag us using #WhoMadeMyClothes #FashionRevolution #WhoMadeMyClothesByOndadeMar #WhoMadeMyClothesByOndadeMar




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