WATER, a resource we all need

A few years ago we visited La Guajira to carry out the shooting of our OASIS campaign, and we noticed the limitation that the Wayuu community has with the most valuable and necessary element for the human being: WATER. We realized that in this area there are limited number of births of water in the land, which gave been dug over years by the women of this community. From these births, is where they can get fresh water to be able to carry out the needs of the day to day. However, this water is not entirely clean, as the animals also use it as their drinking troughs.

What struck us the most was realizing that every other day, these women must travel from their village approximately two hours on foot with their donkeys to reach the water eyes. They stay there all the day washing the dirty clothe from the whole family and filling the tanks to bring this necessary element to their loved ones. When they arrive home, they boil the water so they can cook for that night and the next day. It´s very hard to understand that no matter how much that water boils, is is still not clean enough and causes serious health problems, must of all in child.

After living this experience, we decided to create out a capsule collection called AGUA, in order to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of this region.

The project consisted on building a water tank with the funds received from the collection. These tanks have faucets that facilitate the gathering of water. In addition, each family received storage reservoirs and a special system to filter the water they carry from the tanks, so that it would be completely safe to store without having to travel frequently to collect it. 

40% of each product purchased in our Colombian stores was donated to the project, and the 110 families who are part of the community of the village in Siapana, received some kits to have a proper water management. Together with the Red Cross we seek the welfare of this community, we want this place to use resources efficiently to improve social and cultural ties.


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