These are our summer picks for the warm season. 
Make up is always a MUST, no matter the day, month or hour. 
From left to right and up to down our recommended products are:
-DIOR ADDICT ULTRA GLOSS in shade: 297 so real. 
-CHANEL "55 IN LOVE" Blush 
-FRENCH GIRL Floral Toner 
-FRENCH GIRL Bronzing Oil 
We know you love to feel beautiful at the beach or at that pool party with family or friends. That's why we've picked a full OndadeMar look: 
Besides, it is important to smell great and feel fresh and clean. We recommend:
- ORGANIX coconut milk
Finally, glasses are always a MUST. For this look we picked a classic ones. These Rayban usually look great on everyone. 
-GOLD green classic G-15