For our new collection, we create a place where the spirit becomes BRAVE and AUTHENTIC. In this place your thoughts will connect to your talent to create new materials, objects and spaces, embracing creativity and inviting you to enjoy a wonderful life experience.

Walls DOESN´T exist. Just bridges that bring together different mindsets and cultures enabling to create new visions of aesthetic beauty. This place welcomes HAND MADE, KNOW HOW and TRADITION.

Mind and spirit are now the power pillars of human existence. Technology and digital era are left behind.

Vivid and bold colors, rush through an amazing botanical and fruity range palette, where green is the seasons color. A bright shade of yellow, exhales the positive and optimistic atmosphere of this place, along with the coral and turquoise tones that celebrate HAPPINESS and WELLBEING.

The best moments are remembered under the most exquisite ranges of red, burgundy rose and purple.


Every sunset pays a tribute to beauty and bliss. Women dress up with pretty summer dresses; fluid silhouettes and irregular shapes that create movement and offer an overtly feminine look. Ruffles, deep neckline and lace looks that give texture and volume to effortless shapes.

The sun reflects over dancing silhouettes creating iridescent metallic color effects celebrating the splendor of a NEW ERA.

Men wear fresh fabrics with rustic twist, materials that combine different techniques and colors.

Let us introduce you our designers’ inspiration to create some of the groups that belong to this amazing collection.

The floral prints return this season with an update in brilliant tones as the yellow one, that turns again into the protagonist. An influence of the past gives it a renovation to the silhouettes with knotted, ruffles and sets that simulate laces inspired by the underwear to impregnate romanticism to the trend.

Inspired by the geometric figures that are achieved on the Kaleidoscopes and the colors that we find of the forests night impregnated with fantasy. The trend of the gloss on the fabrics keeps adding striking appearance on the silhouettes of this group for this season, using the metallized ink gilded on some parts of the print.

Due to the globalization and the facilities that the Internet gives us to connect to the entire world, the arise of new trends that strongly moves fashion to create styles that combines the better of the cultures its pretty easy. Our inspiration is born from Africa and India, where the world now puts his interest, for being optimistic cultures, with new ideas to teach the rest of the humanity.

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