Accessories OndadeMar for your looks

Who said that only blunt sandals, hats or turkeys are for the beach?

The looks every day are transformed and you are the one that should give a touch of originality to your style; Here I will show you some accessories that will make your look more fashion and fun. 

Hats, yes and what!

How about a relaxed style with a touch of the beach for a Saturday afternoon, some shorts, a white blouse and a hat that shows your fun side? they will be the perfect mix!

Hats OndadeMar

High, low sandals are all perfect!

They are never enough, if you are a woman who likes a slightly more relaxed style, the low sandals with some accessories are perfect for you, instead if you like it, give a little more height to your look; The platforms are your thing.

Sandals OndadeMar

Bags in the natural

The bags type bags are always perfect for any occasion, some a little more uncomplicated give our look a fresh style. How about this style for a sunny Sunday in the city?

Bags OndadeMar

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