4 basic hairstyles for sunny days

During all the year we are constantly thinking of travelling and spending some great days at the beach. All we want is a little of sun, beach and salty hair.

We know that when temperature gets too hot, it can be hard to enjoy a day at the beach, a barbecue with your friends, or even being at the pool in your house or in the hotel. You definitely feel like you have 20 pounds of hair all over your neck making you sweat more than ever. 

So before you visit your hairdresser or try to make an extreme makeover, we want to show you some simple braid hairstyles that you can try and will keep you fresh on sunny days. All you are going to do is take off your hair from your face, neck, and back while still looking really nice, and the best thing is that none of these styles requires hot tools.

That’s why a braid will always be the best option, because you´ll get every single piece of your hair slipped away. And let´s be honest- is there anything more summery than a perfect braid paired with your favorite bikini? Definitely not. So its time to try them and walk into the beach.






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